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Limited Time Offer Popup For 2010


I have Windows 7 64 and Bitdefender Total Security 2011 installed. After rebooting my computer, I've started getting a popup 'Limited Time Offer' 'Expires Today' 'Buy One Year, Get 6 Months Free' for the 2010 version. It doesn't have a Taskbar, doesn't show up in the Program/Task Manager, and can't be dragged with the mouse.

Here's a screenshot of my Desktop with the popup.


Obviously, the 'X' button is bugged as two overlapping buttons but does close it. The 'Renew Now & Save' button goes to BD's store for the 2011 version, even though the popup is for 2010. However, my subscription is still good for 93 days and so I shouldn't be getting this.

I couldn't find any setting anywhere in BD for expiration, newsletters, offers, etc. reminders. I believe it's legit but even so, why is it coming up and how do I stop it?


  • Hello Arconus,

    To disable the popup you need to open BitDefender in Expert/Advanced Mode, then go to General -> Settings and disable BitDefender News.

    If you choose to take advantage of the renewal offer, your previous subscription time should be added automatically.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Drason

    The add stopped appearing on it's own. I went ahead and disabled the news setting you mentioned anyway though. I also saw settings for popups and disabled too.


  • Hello Arconus,

    I am glad to see that the issue has been resolved.

    Thank you for using BitDefender and have a nice day!

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