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Disturbing Messages


Hi I use windows 7 enterprice but it says that my firewall and my antivirus are not turn on.I cant distinguish from the BD 2011 interface is it working but now I'm scaning normaly and it doesn't seem to have any problem with that.Its a fresh install (2 hours ago) but this message was on even before I did format, its the reason that I did erase previous windows.Please can you answer as fast is possible cause I don't know am I safe.


  • Hello,

    In order to solve the Windows Security Center issue, please follow the steps below:

    1. Go to Control Panel and open Administrative tools.

    2. Click on Services.

    3. Stop these services:

    - Security Center

    - Windows Management Instrumentation

    4. Set them to start: Automatically.

    5. Remove the directory C:\Windows\System32\wbem\Repository

    6. Reboot and check if the issue still occurs.

    Looking forward to your answer!

    You can see if the Real time protection module (Antivirus) is working simply by clicking on the link below:

    If the module is working properly then you should see a notification like the one below.