Parental Control Blacklist / Whitelist Wildcards

Currently running IS 2011, build, across 2 os - XP pro, and Windows 7 home(64 bit).

My desire is to have a "kids" account which gives standard internet 2 hours per day, and a second "Homework" account which is always available, but with a strict whitelist, i.e. only give access to listed sites, none else. The time limiting works great, but I cannot figure out how to whitelist in a way that works.

To make this, I try blocking all, then allowing specific onces, i.e.

Block *

allow *google

allow *

and the opposite order:

allow *google

allow *

block *

It seems that this *sometimes* works on the windows 7 machine (I keep changing configurations, so no good science here) but can never get it working on the XP machine, even when I copy an exact configuration over.

Can you advise how to do this properly, and any known issues with it?

Thanks for any help!


  • Hello Chuck,

    You can't block everything except few sites. You can however set the Web Control feature to ON and on a Profile: Child (6 or 10 years). You will see the list of web categories blocked or allowed in the BitDefender Parental Control -> Web Filter page.

    Also you can use the Instant Messaging Control feature to block any incoming/outgoing IM with all contacts, except those you add in the list (i.e. the parent's ID). Last but not least, you can also have the Keywords Control feature turned ON and add certain words you wish to block. Once one of those words will be found by BitDefender, the website or the IM message containing the word, will be blocked / not displayed.

    If you need any further assistance feel free to contact us anytime!