Parentl Control


Ok, I have BD total security 2011. I am running into a weird problem that parental control is blocking websites, but it is turned off. I keep getting


This webpage has been blocked by BitDefender Parental Control!

This web page has been blocked by the User Control Heuristic Web filter.

Changing the Parental Control Settings for the current user will enable you to access this page. If you are an administrator on this system, you can change the Parental Control settings from the BitDefender Parental Control module.

My current setup is a hybrid network. I am running a 2003 server with DHCP for public and Active Directory. I keep getting the same error if I am logged into the domain or locally on the machine. i have uninstalled BD twice and reinstalled it. I was wondering if anyone has any clue how to permantly turn this off.


  • Hello,

    How many Windows users do you have on that PC ? Does the issue occur on all users ? What Operating System are you using and what PC architecture ? Please provide me with the file pcontrol.XML from the BitDefender installation folder.

    Default location for the file: C:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender 2011

    Upload the file HERE or HERE.

    Looking forward to your answer!