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Bitdefender Is 2011 Vs Action Center



I'm having the same problem as it described here: /index.php?/topic/20623-resolvedaction-center-and-bitdefender-2011/" rel="">BD Topic

I've uploaded the files like it told on that topic, hope u can help me with that.




  • Unknown
    edited April 2011

    Hello Mel,

    I have analyzed the logs you provided me with with the following results:

    - TuneUp Utilities 2011 installed;

    - Spybot - Search & Destroy installed with the Registry protection module enabled at PC startup;

    You must uninstall the two programs above in order for BitDefender to work properly. Also you will need to reinstall BitDefender as it was not correctly installed due to the restrictions set by the TeaTimer registry protection module (SpyBot). I created a ticket on your behalf and sent instructions via email to your registered email address (the email you used to register on this Forum).

    Ticket ID: 201104091004737.

    Follow the enclosed steps then confirm that the issue is now resolved. Also please keep in mind not to install multiple security solutions on the same PC as it will affect both its performance and also the programs may not work properly (as in your current situation).

    I know that my email is a long one however please take few moments of your time and read it completely then follow the steps, I am sure you will find it a lot easier to understand the steps and as a whole.

    Best regards,