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Firewall And No Support Have Killed Bitdefender For Me


I have been a fan of Bit defender for serveral year. I have 50 user licenses for desktop units but for me its "so long and thanks for all the fish"

the ongoing poor performance and a lack of support to fix my problem ([Ticket ID:201104061003537]) has led me to review my use of bitdefender firewall. I have now turned it off and installed a differing product. I can't tell you what the improvement in performance of through put has been and I believe the security is as good, with the reported logs being similar blocks and alerts.

I write not to knock the program but to hopefully shake the developers into fixing the issues and change their focus to performance and usablity. I use to be a customer of a differing AV software, it trended to take more and more control of pc 's till my computers performance was micro... so I dumped it in 2008 in favour of BD. i fear BD is going down the same track.

At this stage I'm going to continue with the BD firewall disabled and just use the AV, but I'm hopeful the program will improve this part of there business.


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    I have taken ownership of the ticket you have open with us. Also I have sent you instructions on how to resolve the issue you encounter. Please let me know what you have decided via email or via PM. If you send me a PM please enclose the ticket ID/topic link in the subject line.

    Ticket ID: 201104061003537.

    Kind regards,