How To Turn Off "system Scan" Alert ("issue")

Every couple of weeks, BDA for Mac tells me that "Critical issues affect the security of your computer." The alert, highlighted in red and marked with a red number 1 in the dock, is that the "Last full system scan" was a couple of weeks ago.

I do not wish to receive these alerts. BDA quickly analyzes and alerts if a file is corrupted (meaning that it was an email attachment from a Windows user, or downloaded from a Windows software site on the Internet). These Windows attachments do not interact with Mac OSX.

Nevertheless, the "issues" alerts are annoying. They are highlighted in red and accompanied by exclamation points, and are constantly visible in the dock (see attached image). "Full system scan" is not scheduled. How do I get rid of the alerts?



  • Nobody has a response?

  • I as well receive the every 15-day alert and would like to know how to stop it.

    I have persistent scanning enabled and have a deep scan scheduled every mo, so every 15 days is not necessary.


  • I just noticed an option to disable this notification. I don't recall it on previous builds, but at least it takes care of this annoyance.


  • Hi Phoney Baloney,

    Sorry for the delay. The colleague which offers support for Mac sent you an email with the answer you need. In case you have any other issue with our BitDefender for Mac, please reply to him.

    Thank you!