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Making An Exception In Firewall


I'm having trouble with the firewall of bitdefender because it blocks some windows updates such as "Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2488113)". The Windows Help and Support offered help and said:

If you use a different firewall, check the information that came with the software to see how to add these websites to your firewall exceptions list:



But I don't know how to add websites to bitdefender firewall exception list. Though I have solved the problem by temporarily disabling bitdefender's firewall to install the update, I'd still like to know how to add websites to bitdefender's firewall exception list so that I don't have to disable the firewall whenever these kinds of windows updates are installing in my computer. Waiting for any reply. Thanks.


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    First of all allow me to remind you that you can't add a certain site as an exception into BitDefender firewall. You can only add IP or executable file as a rule.

    I am currently working on trying to reproduce the issue on a system with Windows 7 x64. I will let you know soon the results.

    You had issues only with this particular update (KB2488113) ? Please enable BitDefender firewall with increase log verbosity then try to perform the Windows Updates.

    If you are able to reproduce the issue with another Windows update please save the Firewall log and upload it HERE.

    1. Open BitDefender and switch it to Expert View;

    2. Go to Firewall module;

    3. Go to Activity tab;

    4. Check the box next to "Increase log verbosity";

    5. Try to reproduce the issue 2-3 times;

    6. Go to the location below:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\BitDefender\BitDefender Firewall

    Send me the file "bdfirewall.txt" via PM. Thank you!