[duplicate] Is Pc Compromised?

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I have been noticing slow broadband lately, so I monitored my network activity. I use BitDefender Total Security 2011, and Opera 11.10.

I have noticed that after some usage of the internet, my wireless dongle activity light goes crazy even if I close my browser down. When I look in Task Manager, the Network monitor shows that my networking is still being used. BUT if I look in the Activity section of the Firewall in BDTS, I can see nothing indicating it is using the network.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the activity will only stop if I either a) restart the machine, or B) change the Firewall settings for my Network to Untrusted (Block All) and Remote Off.

I tried using TCP View to monitor the activity, and it did show sporadic usage by one of the Windows services in the background, but I cannot tell if it is responsible for this constant usage.

Has my PC been infected by something (e.g. botnet) that is using the network that BDTS cannot detect?

How would I identify what is using the bandwidth?




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