Firewall ... Popup Notification?

Admittedly, I've always thought a firewall was unnecessary but after a recent security incident I opted to buy BitDefender Internet Security. However, I can't seem to figure out how to get the darn thing to explicitly tell me when it is blocking something. For some reason after a couple of weeks of use it decided to start blocking Digsby (IM), but I don't recall seeing an alert of some time. I just figured it was the firewall, and disabled it for five minutes to confirm.

ZoneAlarm, I recall, would pop up an alert. Is there some way to get BD to do this?


  • Change notification level to 'report'

    but see my post on the firewall being very leaky!! :wacko:

  • Hello,

    Indeed all you need to do to see the Firewall notifications is to move the level of the slider from 'Allow Known Programs' to 'Report'.

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