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Windows 7 And Bitdefender

edited June 2011 in Firewall

Firstly, let me say for the last two months or so, product has been working great

As of yesterday, I updated BitDefender (as in regular updates) and also updated normal Windows updates ,after the update was complete I have a huge issue.

I am now being flagged by Windows that I need to turn on BitDefender Anti-Virus (which I have done and its reporting its on within BitDefender) and also I m being prompted to turn on BitDefender firewall, which I have done and BitDefender seems to be monitoring traffic.

Also, everytime I reboot (which I have done several times trying to resolve this issue) BitDefender A/V sets the default setting back to custom, when it should be default, the custom setting (which I have never set-up) indicates that the software is not to monitor traffic and other settings which concern me greatly.

Can someone please direct me in the direction to resolve this issue


Image of Windows message





  • Right, looked though the forum to see if any other similar issue

    Came across this

    Added patch

    That screwed things up rightly


  • Ticket submitted and this thread and yet no reply.

    Shocking service ..... Abysmal

    This is not a trivial issue, your software I paid for is not working.

    Please can someone address this issue

  • Unknown

    Hello John,

    I noticed that you had an open ticket with us on the same issue. Since you did not reply to it, I took ownership and sent you instructions via email on how to continue troubleshooting.

    Ticket ID: 201106251003955.

    Please send me the requested log file and, as soon as the analysis will be complete, you will have my answer via email.

    Looking forward to your answer!