[duplicate]Vsserve Problem

After the June 30 slowdown problem I gave up getting BD Antivirus 2011 Pro working and did a clean install. Fomatted my HD. Hardware drivers were all working. Installed BD Antivirus 2011 on a fresh system. System ran super for one day with BD running in the background.

You can see my post named Install? in the Installation forum.

XP Pro SP3, Ver 5.1 -all updates

32 bit

3 GIG Ram

Intel Core Quad CPU

[email protected] 2.4 GHz

Added Adobe, Office, Quicken, and a couple of basic utilities. Positively no other virus/malware software. System started running slowly this afternoon, like a dead crawl. I disabled real time protection and BD auto updates. No change. I then installed and used Reg Supreme Pro to disable start up basic processes one by one. Still slow. Finally skipped down to vssserve, disabled it, and system runs excellent. Did not disable BDagent so the icon sits in my system tray grayed out.

Vsserve appears to cause the slowdown. No idea why everything worked for a day. If there is a conflict then must be with programs I won't give up. I am about to give up on BD. Any suggestions? Should I obtain a support ticket?


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    Be kindly informed that the issue you describe is already known, escalated and discussed in the topic below. I have created a ticket on your behalf with ID: 201107061008441 and sent you instructions on how to resolve it. You will need to restore your PC to an earlier time and disable the BitDefender product updates. The fix will be delivered in the next several days. I will post an announcement on the forum and inform each and every person dealing with this issue via email.

    The topic where we discuss this issue:


    This topic is now closed as being a duplicate with the one above. We will continue troubleshooting in that topic from now on.

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