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[escalated]Firewall Paranoid Mode Dialog

Hello BD Support Team!

I am not sure is this feature request but I post this to here.

My request is to make FULL path of exe visible. Maybe you can use smaller font, cut those paths to more lines or make that dialog resizable or something else like that.


It is very hard to say is that exe what I think it is when I can't see the full path.

And this is just an example case.

And I am sorry about my english but I hope you get my request right.


  • Hello,

    What paths are you referring to ? Please post a screenshot to understand your request. Thank you!

  • Hello DanyDan,

    This is just an example but If I have

    C:\Temp\Long Name\Long Name\Long Name\Even Longer Name\secret keylogger\x.exe


    C:\Temp\Long Name\Long Name\Long Name\Even Longer Name\And Even More Longer Name\x.exe

    They both will be shortened to

    C:\temp\long name\long name\lo...\x.exe

    It is impossible to decide which prompt belongs to keylogger.

    The problem comes always if the path is over 37 marks long. And the max lenght of a filepath is 260 symbols.

    And I did post an image:

    And the destination IP address doesn't tell much, displaying host name (eg. will be much more helpful.

  • Unknown
    edited September 2011


    What I needed was what pop-up are you referring to: AVC, IDS, Firewall or when an infected file is found. Fortunately the screenshot helped me understand this.

    I will not consider it a feature request but an issue. I have escalated it for resolution to the Dev Team. Your ticket ID is: 201109041004861.

    Thank you for the detailed information provided. I will announce it in the Updates forum category when it will be fixed.

    Topic closed.

    Best regards,

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