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Few More Requests

edited August 2011 in Feature request

Hello BitDefender Support Team!

I have few more feature requestes to BD2012 TS.

1. Add that System Information panel from BD2011 TS to BD2012 TS

2. One button to events that deletes all messages

3. Add Yes/No prompt before Autoscan detected devices if Autoscan option is ON. Some devices need scanning but my devices are 100% safe so it is wast of resources to scan all devices on some cases. Autoscan concept in BD 2011 was great.

4. The concept of advanced user / normal user UI was great. Now advanced users doesn't have enough settings to configure and normal users have too many setting to configure if they don't want use the auto pilot.

5. I have already posted about this but can't the browser toolbar be normal browser plugin that can be removed from the browser and installed from Privacy Settings? When vendors are trying to make custom plugins to someone elses software it almost every time gets messy like in this case. (Because BD appends some lines to every page I can't login to my jobs website)

6. The firewall concept in BD2011 was better. Now I only have Paranoid mode and that is in matter of fact little too paranoid for me.

(In BD2011 I used that setting that came after totally paranoid option)


  • I definitely support #5. The current design is awful: No visible item should hide the content of any web page, even minimally.

  • And with number #6 I meant good old Always Ask mode. (I really miss it)

    And it also looks like all rules that Paranoid Mode has created slows down the internet connection.

    In I had ½ speed than I had with BD2011 TS. (I and ran the test many times to many different hosts)

    And deleting application rules is very annoying. I can delete only at the time, not multiple rules.

    Maybe the UI team should use something like to make grids more usable?

  • Hello,

    #1: You have the option under Tune-Up >>> Monitor. You can select what processes to be listed from the drop-down menu "Show";

    #2: Why would you do that ? There were users complaining that some entries were missing from Events. I find it useful to have a "Delete All" button for each Events category. Request declined.

    #3: It's either AUTO scan OR Prompt. Please make up your mind. With all due respect but you should stop comparing 2012 with 2011. We have build a new product, not copying the existing one and just changing a skin. There are new concepts for scanning, firewall etc so some of the options present in 2011 won't apply anymore.

    #4: As already mentioned at #3, we are moving forward with our products. We will not add more than a single GUI as it was in 2011.

    #5: Already requested multiple times and escalated for resolution to the Dev. Team.

    #6: There is more than a single feature request here, including an issue:

    a. a button to reset all application rules >> Escalated already;

    b. looks like all rules that Paranoid Mode has created slows down the internet connection >> how you came to this conclusion?

    c. issue >> Escalated for resolution.

    Topic closed.

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