4 Links To Start Bdav, Really?


After I installed BDAV Plus 2012, I found no less than 4 links installed to launch it.

  1. A link on my Desktop that I never asked to install. All decent software ask the user during Setup because many users don't want to clutter their Desktop;
  2. A link with an incorrect name at the top of the All Programs Start menu;
  3. A link in the BitDefender 2012 group in the All Programs Start menu.
  4. A link in the Notification Area
The 2 last links are perfectly valid and as should be.

The 2 first ones don't follow any standard application guideline and are totally useless as BitDefender is launched automatically at startup.

Many users don't want to have their Desktop or Start menu messed up with such redundant links.

Can you ask during setup if the user wants a Desktop icon (via the usual checkbox for instance) and totally remove the link at the top of the All Programs Start menu?


  • Something about your installation doesn't sound like it went correctly.

    When I installed BDAV 2012 on my Win7 laptop:

    1. No icon was placed on the Desktop.

    2. No link (with a correct or incorrect name) was placed at the top of the All Programs Start menu.

    3. Yes, a link was included in the BD 2012 group in the All Programs Start menu

    4. The icon in the notification area next to the clock (Windows System Tray) is not a link to start BD, but an indicator that it is running. Double clicking it opens the BD main window. Right-clicking it open a context menu with various options.


  • If it didn't install correctly, I doubt it would work fine and install all these shortcuts by itself.

    I also use the uninstall tool systematically, so there should not have been any trace of BitDefender left.

    To make double sure, I am uninstalling and reinstalling now, will be able to report in a couple of hours.

    I'll delete all traces of BitDefender in my Desktop, All Users or personal profile and Program Files if any.

  • I confirm I get the 3 shortcuts and the Notification Area icon from the official build from http://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?showtopic=27870.

    IMHO the Desktop shortcut should be installed only after user confirmation, and the one at the root of All Programs Start menu should be deleted.

  • Hello,

    I checked the links you provided and didn't reproduce for me. I will reinstall and let you know tomorrow.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Much appreciated, Daniel.

    FYI I downloaded and installed the "x64 full kit" from the installation link.

    Can you enable attachments in all BD 2012 sections, like you did for the Antivirus section?

    I have a screenshot of the Desktop icon and the extra Start menu shortcut at the root of All Programs.

    The Desktop icon is located at C:\Users\Public\Desktop.

    The Start menu shortcut is located at C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu.

    They were not present before installing BDAV Plus 2012.

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    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    The current situation should be solved in the latest kits.

    You can download them from here:


    Thank you.

  • Hi Cristi, the issue is not resolved in the setup executable I just downloaded from your link.

    There is still a shortcut on the Desktop, and two in the Start menu. No big deal, though.

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    Welcome back Chimel

    You are right, there are 3 shortcuts created: one on the desktop + 2 entries in the Start menu. You can also start Bitdefender using the system tray icon(the "B" icon).

    I think is better for everyone if the installer automatically puts the shortcuts on those locations. It's easier to access the software in this way.

    You can always delete the ones that you don't like :)

    Thank you for your feedback. Have a nice day.

  • Most decent software ask before creating icons on the Desktop, usually with a checkbox option during setup.

    I have done a lot of investigations for Bitdefender, which involved dozens of uninstalling/reinstalling the product.

    Deleting these shortcuts every time is a pain.

    And nobody uses or would miss these shortcuts anyway, since Bitdefender starts automatically at Windows launch.

    That's why I recommend to keep only the shortcuts inside the Bitdefender Start menu group, and make the Desktop one optional.

    Well I guess I'm done doing any investigation for Bitdefender, and if you don't listen to user feedback, I don't have to renew my license when it expires either.

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    Hi Chimel

    The desktop icon makes the program more accessible.

    You don't have to browse all the software from Start or look for the system tray icon between other hidden icons.

    You simply double click on the one from your desktop to bring the main interface up.

    Thank you.

  • Chimel
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    I know what it does, but not everybody wants their desktop to be cluttered with icons. I have zero icons on my desktop, not even the Recycle Bin.

    And as I said earlier, this icon is totally useless, since Bitdefender is always running.

    The icon in the Notification Area is much more accessible, it's visible at all times, unlike the Desktop icon.

    That's why most decent programs ask the user in the form of a checkbox during setup, before installing such an icon.

    Some users like Desktop icons, some don't.

    Edit: Oh, and thanks for your activity on the forum, it was great to see so many threads answered or properly closed.

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    Welcome back Chimel

    Thank you for your feedback.

    The Dev team is analyzing you proposal.

    I think if this will be approved, in the kit you will have the possibility to uncheck those icons, but they should be checked by default(in the kit) for novice users.

    Have a nice day.