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Enhanced Browser Sandbox + Firewall Adapter Zone Change

Im currently using bit defender 2012. While in general im happy with the suite some features lack critical functionality found in other suites such as Kaspersky.

1. Virtual Browser(sandbox) mode.

  • Feature Request - allow launching the browser sandbox from a desktop shortcut. In order to use sandbox I currently have to open firefox 6 and then navigate to for the grey toolbar to appear. ( for some reason the grey BD toolbar only appears on google search and for me, no other sites). then i need to click on sandbox mode. This is allot of unnecessary clicking and opening etc.
  • the browser sandbox does not allow me to download any files to my desktop. Kaspersky IS 2012 gets around this problem by mounting a virtual drive heavily protected. This virtual drive is visible in both browser sandbox mode and normal mode. So I download the file in sandbox mode and then transfer it to the virtual drive. When u close sandbox mode u can copy the file you downloaded from the virtual drive to your desktop. Please add this feature to the BD sandbox as otherwise I cant use sandbox for my emails(as i want to download attachments) or when downloading applications/files from sites.

2. Firewall

  • In the firewall adapter zone settings. Allow us to configure zones by mac address as well as ip address. As you know Ip address change frequently on a dhcp lan. If i want to deny all other pc's on the lan then I dont want to have to add them again to the zone each time i connect in the case they have been given a new ip address.

Possible Bugs - features not working correctly

  • Firewall adapter zone settings. One thing i noticed is that if i add the routers ip address and/or my computer ip address to the deny zone it has no effect on internet access eg everything still works. This seems strange and makes me wonder if the adapter zones are working correctly and are denying access like they are supposed to.
  • Browser toolbar. As mentioned above in firefox 6 the BD browser toolbar doesn't appear in the majority of sites. For me it appears only in google search results and on the site. Also in firefox the virtual (sandbox) browser mode notification appears over the tabs bar. this hides some of the tabs from view. The virtual browser notification needs better placement.