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[escalated]Pc Clean-up Module Improvements

1) There should be the list of items find by the PC Clean-Up.

2) Space freed after running the PC Clean-Up.


  • You can also use the CCleaner to clean up your PC, a program that BD advised me to use aswell

  • You are right, they also suggested Argente, but here we are suggesting improvements to Bitdefender Products, not recommending third party softwares. Hope you will understand. :)

  • I have escalated the following request:

    - There should be the list of items find by the PC Clean-Up as following:

    - after cleaning the PC, the number of items deleted should be displayed in the Events >>> Tune-Up page.

    Ticket ID: 201109121000746.

    Escalated, topic closed. I will send you an email with the answer and also will post in this topic.

    Thank you!


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