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Uninstall Tool

It would be good if you could run the Uninstall Tool as part of the normal installation process. Seems quite a few solutions include running the Uninstall Tool then re-installing the product.

Having this automatically done might prevent a bunch of problems and additional activity needed to get the product installed correctly.


  • Not automatically, because you may want to keep your settings, but it should probably ask if you want to keep your settings, run automatically, then restore the previously saved settings (or not.)

    The uninstall tool should also have a link in the Start menu, and be integrated into the Uninstall feature of the Programs and Features Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs for older versions of Windows)

    It should also be part of the automatic update process, as it looks like it evolves over the months, just like the antivirus programs.

  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭


    Our uninstall should be used only in special cases.

    In case the normal uninstall process from Control Panel fails, we recommend you to use the uninstall tool.

    Also, when you upgrade from one version to another, is recommended to use the uninstall tool.

    Bitdefender 2012 installer has the same library from the uninstall tool and this is used to detect and remove the older versions of our product.

    Thank you.