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[resolved]Virus Scan Log?

Is there a virus scan log? I am new to this software and every virus software I've used has a virus scan log and scan scheduler. Does it perform daily hard drive scans? I can't find any info on the help topic index. What gives? I'm really disappointed and confused at this point and may have to ask for a refund.


  • Yes, there is a scan log. You will be prompted to run a Full System Scan every 8 days. After that, a scan log will be found by clicking on Events on the main BD screen, under the Antivirus-->Virus Scan tab. Click once on the Scan Task to select it and the View Log button will appear. Click on it to view the log.


    Many of your questions should be answered in the BD User's Guides. Links to them can be found in this pinned topic.

    There is no scan scheduler in this version. Instead, the Auto Scan function has been implemented which runs constantly during PC idle times. There is more information in this post from Moderator Cris and in the User's Guides.

    This version is just different from "legacy" antivirus programs we are used to seeing. It is actually much simpler. :) Give it some time, ask questions like you did here and I'm sure you will become accustomed to it.


  • Resolved, no need to escalate. Topic closed.

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