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How Do I Delete File Vaults?



I am new to BitDefender and I have made a bunch of test file vaults and I am hoping that there is a way to delete them. Don't have a CLUE how!

Probably something relatively simple.




  • rootkit

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    Please open this document (Bitdefender 2011 User Guide) and browse to page 164.

    You will find there the procedure to delete a file.

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  • Me, too. As far as I can find, your documentation does not cover how to delete vaults.

  • To delete a vault all you need to do is click on ""Privacy" in your bitdefender dashboard, under "File Encryption" click on "settings", then click on the vault you wish to delete and click on the "Delete" button on the bottom right corner. If you're asking how to delete the vault if Bitdefender is uninstalled, then you have to go to where you saved your vault when you created it and manually delete it. For example my Vault's name is called "My Vault" and it was automatically saved under "My Documents" unless you changed the destination when making the vault. My saved vault file for example is My Vault.bvd and all you really have to do is right click and delete. Hope that answers your question.