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Bitdefender 2009 Failing To Uninstall

edited January 2012 in General talk

Hi guys,

I was hoping you could help me out with my dilemma! Whenever I try and uninstall Bitdefender 2009, around 40% of the way through I get the error message that another application is exclusively using the "bdfirewall.txt" file. I have all unnecessary background programs and applications closed, and have terminated any non-essential processes via the task manager but the error message persists. I have also tried to uninstall Bitdefender using the 2012 updater, the uninstall wizard which was shipped with it, Windows Add/Remove Programs and manually deleting the files, all of which merited no results, as the file was in use. I have also looked around for an existing solution, the only one which had the same problem as this was because of an installation on another disk, I only have one installation on my system and have checked for another, just to be sure...

If any of you know anything I would greatly appreciate your help!





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