Es File Explorer Blocked By Firewall


Ive installed ES File Explorer (unix to Windows file access) on an Android device (Kindle Fire). It shares a WiFi connection with my Windows 7 laptop that is protected by Bitdefender (Kindle is not protected)

I configure ES with the IP of my laptop and receive several reasons for not seeing the network shares on the laptop, including "Blocked by Firewall"

If I turn off Bitdefender Firewall the Windows shares are visible to ES.

A verbose log indicated that the offending executable was svchost.exe

Tried guessing at a rule that permitted all access for svchost to the Android IP but with no luck (****** rule 25)

Must I plug away at the verbose log to define the appropriate allow rules, or is there a simpler way



  • Hello :)

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    Do you have Bitdefender 2011 installed?

    Thank you.

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