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Pc Hangs On Welcome Screen

I got past welcome screen but PC locked inmmediately after and dumped a blue screen with WIN32K.SYS problem.

I have the same issue of WIN32K.SYS blue screens shortly after starting up. I'm happy though for you guys to try and offer me a solution ;)

I tried running the Supporttool.exe in Safe Mode as mentioned by Gary A (nikki605) above. Kicked it off at midnight and it was still clocking 100% cpu at 8am - is this normal? I suspected not so cancelled it. I did spot that it had created the BDSP zip on my desktop though so I've loaded that to RapidShare.

I'm running Win XP Pro SP2 on an AMD Athlon XP2500+with 1GB of RAM.

I installed BitDefender IS 2012 as a first time user (having left McAfee) following good reviews of BitDefender.

Hopefully someone can help but let me know if you have more instructions and I'll be happy to try :)


  • Is there anyone from BitDefender around? Or is everyone on holiday this week? I've got a dead PC and would really like to make some progress.

  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭

    Hi Mike :)

    Welcome to the forums.

    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    Could you please send me via PM the log file that you have created?

    Thank you. Have a great weekend!

  • Thanks for the reply Christian. PM sent.


  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭

    Hello :)

    Please save the update patch from the following link on your Desktop:

    Unzip the test.bat file, but do not run it.

    The password for the archive is: bitdefender

    Now restart your PC in Safe Mode and run that patch(for Windows Vista/7, right click on the file test.bat and choose Run as administrator).

    Reboot your machine in Normal Mode, open Bitdefender using the desktop icon and click on Update now button.

    Let me know if the situation is solved.

    [How to restart in Safe Mode]

    - Restart the computer (Windows Start button - Turn Off - Restart);

    - Press the "F8" key several times before Microsoft Windows begins to load; you need to press "F8" until you will be displayed a text menu;

    - Select "SAFE MODE with Networking" in the text menu and press "Enter".

    - Wait while Windows loads in Safe Mode; this process ends with a confirmation message; click "OK" to acknowledge.

    Have a nice day.

  • Thanks for the reply Christian, just to let you know I've not died! Easter break and all that means I haven't had much time to work on this.

    What I had decided while waiting for your response was to do a repair install of XP in case files had got corrupted somehow. It took a while as I ran into the problem of XP not recognising my SATA RAID drives so I had to make a floppy with the drivers - unfortunately the only machine that still has a floppy in my household is this desktop I'm trying to fix. So a bit of a Catch 22 situation there of being unable to create the floppy - a trip to Mums sorted that out!

    Eventually I got the repair install done and hey presto! ..... still got BSOD! <img class=" /> So, my next step was to uninstall BitDefender, then use the tools provided on another thread to ensure all trace of McAfee was removed too.

    My intention then was to upgrade XP to SP3 (being on SP2) as I noticed other threads saying BitDefender only supported SP3 - although, for some reason, I never got the message about it being unable to install because it was SP2. So went to do a repair install of XP again (started from within Windows) just to be sure everything was "clean" after the anti-virus uninstalls, before starting the SP3 upgrade. Only to find this time the install process failed complaining about a file on the floppy causing a problem with one on the DVD (I'm afraid I didn't make note of the paths/names).

    As I couldn't get past that problem I decided to give the SP3 upgrade a go - it seemed I had nowhere else to go at that point! I had the SP3 update on a DVD already so booted into Safe mode and applied the SP3. That seems to have worked OK despite the warning not to do it in safe mode unless you really have to, as I can now bring up the system and I'm not getting any BSODs :)

    I'm going through the loops now of applying all the MS Windows Update patches and intend to make sure everything is stable before having another go at installing BitDefender.

    One question people might be able to help me with at the moment is that when booting now Windows lists 2 OS options, XP Pro and XP Pro Setup. The first option of XP Pro takes me into my new SP3 just fine. The second being the failed attempt to repair install SP2. Is there a way to remove this from the list? As it is the default so if you don't catch it in time Windows defaults to booting into that and asks for the XP DVD.

    I'll report back on further progress.

  • I said I would provide an update.

    I went through several loops of Windows updates after yupgrading to SP3 and everything seemed stable, the machine had run for several hours without any signs of BSOD so I decided to have a go at installing BitDefenderIS 2012 again.

    There was one occasion when I got a BlueSOD at the first time BD tried to do an update and that was followed by the BlackSOD when I rebooted so I thought I was in for another bad ride. I hit the power button from the BlackSOD and after that it actually rebooted into Windows OK - quite a surprise. I set updates off straight away and left the machine running but doing very little. After several hours it was still working fine so I set updates to manual and things have progressed in a stable manner.

    So I'm hoping that I'm not tempting fate but I think my wife could be very pleased in that the desktop could be heading back under my office desk and the dining table/room could make it back into circulation some time very soon!

  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭

    Hello :)

    This issue has been reported as fixed by our developers.

    We released a small update a few days ago. Your build should be:

    Make sure that you have this build installed and reboot the PC.

    Let me know if everything is OK after the reboot.

    Take care.