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Bitdefender "screwing" Https Certificates


Hi there.

Id like to report a issue with bitdefender 2012.

Since last update the AV is replacing the SSL / HTTPS certificate when i'm attempting to connect to a secure site (ie. electronic banking, remote office).

Since I cannot see the original certificate I'm not able to differenciate between the original site and a scam and i find this feature very annoying and then unwanted.

Add the fact that Firefox won't work since it wonk take the certificate as valid. I'm attatching a snapshot (it's in spanish). Now i cannot use any https site on firefox.

I just bought the AV to scan files, not to screw my http/https streams

I'm using bitdefender 2012 AV on Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1.

PS. I'm not sure if related but the AV has an alert that the on access (realtime) analisys is disabled and it can restore it (I'm attatching another picture).