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How To Delete A Virus When Bit Defender Cant?

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My computer says i have a virus Gen.Variant.Kazy. Bit Defender says there's no possible action i can take to delete it.What do i do? this happend the other day and i restored my computer to an earlier date. then when i ran the antivirus scanner it said it went away. now three days later one of the viruses is back. How can i fix this?


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    Hi :)

    In order to be able to assist you please run a Full System Scan task with Bitdefender and send us the resulting scan report.

    [how to GENERATE A FULL SYSTEM SCAN LOG from Bitdefender 2012]

    - Before running the scan please make sure that you have the latest virus definitions downloaded via the Update module.

    For this you need to open Bitdefender and from the main interface click on Update now;

    - After the update process has completed successfully you can proceed to

    running the scan task.

    In the same window go to Antivirus and press the Scan now button =>Full system scan.

    - After the scan has finished you need to submit the scan log file.

    This is accomplished by running the Support tool file that can be downloaded from this location:

    Save the file prior to running it and to continue you need to accept the terms of use.

    At the end of this process an archive will be created on your Desktop starting with bdamst.

    Upload that file on


    and send me a PM with the download link.

    If you were already asked to generate the log file, disregard the message above and just post the ticket ID.

    Take care.