Bdfndisf6.sys Causing Blue Screen

edited May 2012 in Firewall

Software: Bitdefender Internet Security 2012(updated from 2011)

OS: Windows Vista SP2 32bit

Problem: bdfndisf6.sys driver is causing blue screen

This problem was first encountered when i used the 2011 version and persists after the update to the 2012 version. This problem appears when i make download actions including youtube, msdn-elms and utorrent clients and also when i try to run a system scan(just noticed the last one).

I will try the issued patch, but, just in case, i will also build a report with the bitdefender tool and save it in order to send it to a specific location(waiting for link/advice to do so), before i apply the patch. In the meantime i'm wainting also for a result from microsoft because i know that they have a part to play in this.

Thank you.