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Online Virus Check

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My Laptop keeps freezing after about half an hour of running idle though it isn´t set to do it so I started thinking about viruses.

Now with "idle" I mean that I can try to create an Acronis backup or a full virus scan (at this time I am using Avast) but I will always

see the &*+?!$ thing freeze on me after about 30 minutes - so I looked for an online checker and BitDefender googles well,

which is how I ended up here... I used the online checker and it told me I had no infection, after about two minutes or so ?


Meanwhile I found out that this is a typical Windows problem many people are having, though not caused by an MS program -

I am still checking around in my startup to find the cause.

Still, can anyone tell me how serious a two minute scan really is - just sheer interest, thanks. :rolleyes:


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    Hello :)

    Welcome to the forums.

    The scanner is that fast because is in the cloud. During the scan, only the processes and vital folders are scanned, these are the most common places to discover an active malware.

    Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.

    Take care.