From: Probleme Autoscan Si Update


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Man, please use Google Translate, you're in an English speaking forum:

To begin with the first problem: AutoScan function, ie scanning all partitions. In previous versions of BDIS not get to scan than an idle, now grab an hour, even when working on PC. He does not head in the way of gaming or movie viewing (full screen applications), but you are browsing or moving files or Unpacking is mourning. Understand access to scan, scan understand once a day or week, but when PC in idle mode, when no man has the job. Even if I have 2 HDD in RAID 0, it feels terrible when scanned. I think setting AutoScan you more than the available resources (and I do not take more than 15% of an AMD quad core processor), but not taken into account HDD. Browsing works when running AutoScan hateful, for he writes hard F. cached information.

One of the HDD that I (3rd, storage, 1TB), is full of media files (mp3, MKV, JPG, etc.) Do not change from one day to another, possibly new ones appear but those old so remain. What I need to rescan the SPE or not and if not changed?

I read on the forum in English and saw that many complain of this problem. Even you are not likely to fix it? in 2011 even went verse f good, why had changed?

Problem 2: auto update. Often did not update while I was in the game, although it was on gaming mode (auto, not manual). The worst is that sometimes after the update icon in taskbar is black and tell me they could not start the services (like restart - the good side of things), but it's worse when it is red (that is about to walk normally ) but if you put the cursor on it says that the service restarts and reboots .... .... and so on ... really do not. I say so seriously for that I got a virus, the restart failed services.

W7 64bit OS is the system is relatively ok with quad core, 4gb ram, 2 sata hdd 2 in RAID 0, so there would be problems of resources. I already tested how the system works without BDIS and frankly, I see a difference of over 25% the speed of browsing and file transfer speed on the 1TB RAID and vice versa does not say - with AntiVir is 25-30 MB / s no's 60-130 MB / s. It is only when AutoScan. Otherwise, go normal.

By the way, we turned off antiphishing scanning and bar in the browser (using Opera and artifacts appeared annoyed me). That would be a 3rd problem, but you strictly on the browser used.