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Questions About Autopilot Turning Off, Malwarebytes Compatibility, And Auto-scan Feature



I’m new to the forums and this is the first time I use Bit Defender (I have Antivirus 2012 Plus).

My questions:

1) Can I install the free version of Malwarebytes in addition to BitDefender? My understanding is that the free version does not use a real-time scanner and should therefore be OK to have both programs installed on a system.

2) I am a bit confused about the Auto-Scan feature. What exactly is scanned during an automatic scan? My understanding (according to the manual) is that Bit Defender continuously scans files with Auto-Scan enabled, but what gets scanned? Do all files on my computer get continuously scanned (if so it seems like somewhat of a waste), or does it simply continuously scan items while I am browsing the internet?

3) Autopilot sometimes keeps turning itself off for no reason (usually after watching a video using the full screen mode of KMPlayer). Is this normal?

Many thanks to those who take the time to respond, and my apologies for having to post three unrelated questions but I am still new to this product.

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    Hi Tonia :)

    Allow me to answer to your questions:


    Running multiple security solutions on the same PC may affect their proper functionality as they compete for access to the same system resources. Even if they are turned off, there are some active processes running in the background.

    We recommend you to uninstall other security solutions in order for Bitdefender to work properly.


    Regarding Auto Scan, please read my answer from here:


    When using a Fullscreen application like a game or video player, the Game Mode from Bitdefender will be activated and some functions like Safebox, Autoscan will be temporary turned off and the product will be light with the system resources.

    Please remember to check this out too:

    Take care.