Parental Controls/anti-theft


On Android, if you're using something like Advanced Task Killer it can kill off the Parental Control and Anti-Theft applications in the background. On my devices I have to exclude these from Advanced Task Killer so they don't die and I get the information fed back into the portal.

Either as a documentation issue or as a feature, these BitDefender Applications need to be excluded from this kind of task scavenging. So, the documentation should be updated to reflect that or the Application could be set to a System App which would bypass this.

On the Location Tracking for the Android App, the breadcrumbs are too fine grained. Every minute isn't necessary but it should be settable as well as the number of locations tracked and stored, right now it's less than 20 visible but if I wanted to track every half hour and keep that for two days, there's no option to do that. This would be very useful otherwise I may only get the last 20 minutes of activity.

Also, I don't see a way with the Anti-Theft to remove a device. If I make a typo, I'm going to have a device name on there forever, there should be a way to remove stale device information or have it auto expire off the Anti Theft page.

Also, if you have Android Parental Control and Anti-Theft, why don't they share location information? They seem to have different sources and since the Parental Control is more fine grained now, why not use that for the device?