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Sources For Android Client?

edited January 2022 in Mobile Security

I just purchased your Total Security Sphere 2012 product and so far it's great. I have a Pandgital Android 2.3 tablet that is not allowed to use the Google Play site for commercial reasons. So, I do not have access to the Total Security client for Android for this device. Are any of these possible: (1) can you email me the Total Security APK so that I can install it myself; or (2) can you give me an FTP site where I can download the APK and then install it myself; or (3) can you arrange to have your Total Security Sphere 2012 Android client available on the Amazon Appstore as well as on Google? Any of these three would be great. Many thanks for your help.



    Hello ,

    You can also download Mobile Security for Android from SlideMe market :

    Just push the download button and you'l be able to download the apk.

    As for the future we will take your recommendation into consideration and provide an official download link also from our website.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to ask and thank you for contacting us.

    Best regards,


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