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Don't Like Bitdefender Internet Security 2012


I was using Bitdefender Internet Security (BIS) 2011 and I liked it a lot. Then few weeks ago I got BIS 2012 and then I got into lot of trouble.

1. I don't like UI of BIS 2012. BIS 2011 was much better and simple.

2. Internet is very slow. Most of the time my browser is stuck at loading. I uninstalled BIS 2012 and problem fixed.

3. My pc is very slow with BIS 2012.

I would be happy, if I could use my remaining license of BIS 2012 (350 days) in BIS 2011.

Could I use my remaining license of BIS 2012 with BIS 2011?

Otherwise, I will move to Norton. <img class=" />


  • Ok, I saw announcement about free upgrade to BIS 2013 from 2012 version.

    I followed instructions in announcement. Downloaded and ran uninstall tool. Then installed BIS 2013.

    Here is my experience with BIS 2013.

    My PC hanged almost 5 times in a row. Made my pc very very slow and hanged it 5 times continuously.

    When hanged I can see wait animation on mouse pointer. I can not start task manager or any other program. I can't even shutdown or restart PC.

    Only way to get out of it was to use pc reset button.

    Problem went away by uninstalling BIS 2013.

    Now, I'm installing my old BIS 2011.

  • So now I installed BIS 2011.

    Not faced even a single issue yet. :)

    And license of BIS 2012 worked on BIS 2011.

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