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Bd And Ssds



I Have a new PC with an SSD + HDDs. I bought BD before I realized that it does this continuous scan thing.

I'm currently holding off on it (ie. I installed and then uninstalled).

Does anyone have any wisdom about it? Given the alleged finite life span of SSDs, I don't think I want it scanning my C drive continuously.

More relevant: I see that the autoscan cache folder is under the Program Files directory. This seems rather dumb, given that it could - and should - be under the Program Data directory which most people with SSDs would move onto the their HDD. Can I change the location of the autoscan cache folder? I'd hate to have to fiddle around with symlinks/junction points just to achieve something that the program configuration should be able to do.

Any words of wisdom will be much apprecieted,



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    Hello :)

    This request will be forwarded to our developers and your feedback will help us improve our products.

    I will keep you up to date with the progress.

    Thank you!