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Sms Commands For Locking Android Phone?



I recently installed BitDefender AntiTHeft software on my android. and just a few days later, i somehow left the phone some where in office.

I cannot recall the sms commands for Locking and other possibilities for the software and i cannot find anywhere on this website, the list of the same.

(though i remember the password/PIN and i had registered my other number in it for location updates and all)

Can somebody please send me some document showing the sms commands ...please..?

Also, as the phone is presently showing switched off, please tell me that if somebody changes the uim(CDMA), the bitdefender antitheft wll send me a message automatically..?




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    Sorry for the late response.

    UIM is just like a SIM card so technically if you have your anti-theft set up with a buddy number you should be able to receive a SMS from the new number if it changes.

    As for the SMS commands you can view them by going into the app. -> Anti-theft module -> Configure SMS Commands -> and press the question mark on the bar from that screen .

    Anyway I listed bellow the list just in case.

    The syntax for SMS commands is: bd-PIN command (where "PIN" is the already configured pin for the application and "command" is the requested command.

    Example: bd-123456 locate

    The list of supported commands (prefixed by bd-PIN) is:

    • help : will send back a SMS with the list of available commands
    • locate : will send back a SMS with the phone's location on Google Maps
    • lock : will lock the device with the application pin
    • answer : a SMS confirmation will be sent back from the device and the next call from the number that sent the command will be automatically answered
    • callme : will make the device call the number that sent the text message with the speaker turned on
    • wipe : will wipe the device entirely. Note that the wipe command will only be executed if received from the predefined trusted number!