Bitdefender Toolbar And Opera X64

I'm not sure if it's only my issue, but when I installed Opera x64 to it's default location Program Files/Opera x64 Bitdefender Toolbar doesn't show and traffic light also doesn't work, but if I installed the browser in Program Files (x86)/Opera the issue is gone. So it would nice if devteam would include new Opera x64 path in future updates of Privacy module so people wouldn't have to change default install paths for Opera to get this feature working. Thank you.


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    I am encountering a similar issue.

    This page shows up me for suspected, bad sites:


    However, this page is only shown on IE, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome (from my testing).

    I get either a blank page or 403 error in other, less popular browsers like:

    * Pale Moon (Firefox deriviative) -

    * QupZilla (QTWebkit deriviative) -

    Can BitDefender please fix this?


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    Also, the "Add to Whitelist" option does not show up on these pages.

    This option is advertised here:

    This was supposed to be addressed in v16.27.0.1763:

    But this update didn't fix the problem for me. See the above screenshot as an example.

    To test a false-positive URL, navigate to

  • raydefender: There may be a solution to this situation:

    Pale Moon.. blank page when page or site flagged by Bitdefender antiphishing:


    1. Support states Pale Moon is not compatible with Bitdefender, so there's no (small dark) 'dragger' at the top of the page unlike in Firefox.


    2. Turning antiphishing off allows you to see this and any other such page. So you have to guess it's blocked by Bitdefender.

    3. User fix: guess the page is blocked by Bitdefender, and add it to exceptions

    Hmm.. not too good.

    Solution: (not fully tried out yet)

    Bitdefender offers a free PaleMoon/Firefox extension called 'Traffic Light'.

    When a site is blocked, a very similar indication (as shown above) is given, and the toolbar icon turns red.

    So instead of a blank page, you get a clear indication.

    Probably not as integrated as a true Bitdefender IS based compatible solution, but a big step forward.

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