Understanding Bd Free

I just recently downloaded BD Free. I have never used any BD product before. I was shocked to see that it was the 2009 version.

For anyone who does not have a calendar, it will be 2013 in less than two weeks!

The BD Free download-webpage does not show the version/year of the product that will be downloaded.

But the BD Total Security download webpage clearly says 2013.

And the BD Internet Security download webpage clearly says 2013.

And the BD AV Plus webpage download clearly says 2013.

Yet the BD Free webpage does not disclose that it is four years old. Why?

What are the differences between the products, exactly?

The Product Comparison webpage fails to compare BD Free's features to the other BD products.

Other companies comparison webpages _do_ have their free product shown in the comparison table.

I'm sure that you can think of _many_ companies that do.

Four years old? I need someone to help me understand what is going on.

The marketing guys at BD need to stop a minute and consider a new approach. They need to think like a person who has never used any BD product before.


In another thread:

Rahi: "Please give me latest key of bit defender free edition _v10_"

Christian: "Please uninstall that version from your PC, reboot and install Bitdefender _2009_ Free from here"

This is exactly the kind of thing that I don't understand.


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