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Uploading Its Own Files?


After it (BD IS 2011) blocked a trojan on a site (knew there was one making the rounds in ads these days, but first time it says it noticed something now), I thought I might as well start a deep system scan once I finished what I was doing at a time, hadn't in a while anyway... Well, oddly enough almost as soon as I started the scan, it threw up a warning that I need to upload a bunch of files, most of them its own (plus some from Winamp, BOINC and ViewPower (UPS monitoring software), all active programs at the time), to BD servers for more thorough analysis. That was quite puzzling, especially since the only option available at the bottom of the window was "Close", so selected them all but no clue what it did after I hit close. (Yes, it's in expert mode. No, it never was nor will it ever be in other modes.)

Never did that before, and I've obviously been using it for years, and if it says it uploads "unknown" files and then decides to do so for its own... What gives? Seemed to be some of the files connected to currently active processes (but obviously hardly all), because I stopped it, closed Winamp, tried again and the new list lacked all Winamp files bar the agent. But, either way, shouldn't there be some sort of progress or confirmation there, to know what it actually did?

(Otherwise, no threats whatsoever found, not even tracking cookies, as I had just cleared temporary internet files first.)

Since I see this to be a common "solution" around here:: No, not going to "upgrade" (HA!) to 2013, tried it for a while, had to disable it to still be able to use my computer after a buggy update, and had other bugs before it too, but even without bugs I'm not going there due to the lack of control. As I've been saying for years, you've been chipping away at user control since BD10 in 2006, but 2012 and 2013 really take the cake for that. Want to be able to tell it just what to do, which includes both fully visible and modifiable settings and the option to have it ask every time (get back a properly working and easily customisable "report" firewall option, get back the "prompt user for action" antivirus option so you won't end up with deleted or moved files due to a false positive as it happened before...), and of course be notified of everything it does, but the last two versions take a good chunk of that and lock it away, far more so than any previous version, so don't even start. Still have some 9 months of this, then if 2014 won't mark a return to no longer thinking your users morons who have no clue what to do with their computers I'll finally, after sticking to BD since 2004, be looking for something else. (Yeah, threatened to once or twice before, but at least the versions released then were manageable, even if with complaints, now I tried these last ones and they're definitely not.)

So, until then, what was that about?


  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭

    Hello :)

    Actually those files are not actually uploaded on our servers. The software created the hashes for all those files and those are sent to our servers. No personal data is collected.

    The hashes are then analyzed in the cloud and if they are malicious, a definition will be created and sent via update.

    Your feedback is appreciated, and will be directed to the appropriate team for review, to enable us to improve our support and services.

    Take care.

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