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Trojan: There Or Not?


Dear BitDefender

On Thursday, January 17, 2013, a Deep System Scan by BitDefender Total Security 2011 revealed the following:

Trojan.Generic.8632619 Infected (ignored, user did not have the proper access rights)

This message came with an accompanying file path highlighting the infected file. I still have the results of this scan in my “History and Events”.

The program then asked me to scan the specific file region. These scans came up clean. Subsequent Deep System Scans have come up clean, not sighting the Trojan. However the “Real Time Protection” listing of my History and Events, which states what infected files were discovered and quarantined by BitDefender in the past, does not include an entry saying that the Trojan was deleted. This makes me suspicious that the Trojan still exists on my computer and that BitDefender is now either ignoring it or missing it.

What do I do? If the Torjan still exists, how do I get BitDefender to prove this? If the Trojan has in fact been deleted, how do I get BitDefender to prove this? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated by this frazzled person.


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