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League Of Legends Spectator Mode.


Hi there Bitdefender,

I have a Windows 7 32 Bits System connected through LAN at home on which i casually play League of Legends. After installing TS 2013 i was not able to use the Spectator mode anymore, in order to spectate other live matches. I always get the error that the host could not be reached. However, i am able to play the game with no issues.

As i to think about myself as being a tech savvy person, i tried to fix this myself. Here is a resume about my troubleshooting session:

-disabled TS modules one by one.

-added LoL folder and .exe in AV and Firewall exclusions.

-set every setting to permissive or tolerant.

-Firewall adapter setting set to : Home/office Stealth off Generic Yes

-IDS and Access Scan disabled.

Nothing has allowed me to be able to watch a live match in League of Legends. Only a complete TS 2013 uninstall fixed the issue. Bump.. :(

Any advice is most appreciated.

Best regards,



  • You might need to add some ports for that game to properly load. I'd suggest to contact the game's support site and ask them which ports should be needed to be opened. smile2.png

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    Hi Rockeroo,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender forum!

    Could you please tell me if the issue persists with the new build version

    (please right click on Bitdefender icon from system tray-near the clock-and choose "About". You should see in the left side the build number).

    In order for the product update to be installed, you need to reboot your machine(you should see in the Events -> "Reboot required" under the Update module).


    Post back and let me know. Thank you :)