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Antivirus & Settings

edited January 2022 in Mobile Security

Hello Bitdefender,

I just bought a license key for Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium and I'm a bit "disoriented". Let's presume that my phone got stolen. The thief unticks GPS settings. In that case, I think I can't locate my phone. So, i propose that you update this software to have a system that allows mantaining some important settings indifferently someone wants to deactivate them, like GPS & internet settings ( if I have a mobile internet connection ), but, of course, this with a PIN code confirmation, for selecting the settings that you want to be "secured" or to disable them. I hope you'll consider my request and make a change. Sorry for my bad English, I'm Romanian. Or, if something like that already exists, please help me and explain what I have to do, I'm beginner with phone softwares. Thanks !




    First I think you should take a look at : , the answers there should clear things up a little bit. Second of all , Android does not allow apps. to manually start the GPS . It is a setting that requires user intervention.

    To get a better idea of what I'm saying try this : turn off your GPS , open Google Maps and try to get a location on your current position. Maps will tell you that your GPS is off and open the GPS settings so that you can enable them.

    So , there are a few limitation that Android imposes on the apps. and this is why we can't turn on the GPS from within the app.

    There are more ways of getting a users location but please read the topic I mentioned earlier.

    Best regards,