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Can't Log In To Safebox (new Installation)

edited February 2013 in Safebox


I'm all new to Bitdefender (comming from Kaspersky), so please excuse me, if this is a newbie error.

I have made an account at "mybitdefender" and in settings I have made it log in at every boot. If I click at the top of the window at "Mybitdefender" it says:

You are logged in as: (my username), and I can then click on the button "Go to "Mybitdefender".

Instead I go back to mainscreen, click on settings for SAFEBOX, and then the error shows:

You are not loggen in. Please login to Mybitdefender to use Safebox ??!!?? I have just checked, that I AM logged in!

On "Mybitdefender" web-page, I can not see my PC and my licenced Total Security, only my netbook with the free edition of Bitdefender. Why is my payed version not shown? Does these 2 things have anything to do with eachother? If I check at the top under "Products", my paied licens is showing up normally, so my account knows I have 2 different programs.

As English is not my first language, I excuse for errors, but I do it as good as I can (I am from Denmark)

My best regards