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Google Image Search Restrictions - Parental Control?


Hi everyone,

I have set up the profiles of all my young kids that use the pc and I was wondering how you can block objectionable content from say a google image search.....apart from blocking the whole site which wouldn't work....

I was dismayed to see that when I was testing an image search - if you simply type the word 'pr0n' on google image search - the images you will see on an already locked down profile .....if you click on one of the images to try access the page, only then will you see 'this page has been blocked by your parents...etc'.....kind of pointless since the damage has already been done initially when all the images are first displayed. This is also despite all the topics such as '######' being selected to be excluded and specifically, the keyword 'pr0n' being banned....etc on the particular child's profile.

There is a way to lock the 'safe search' on google but that requires the user to log in to the google account each time on chrome....and the user can simply shut down chrome and restart it.

It's really got me worried now - I think this is a major loop hole - unless I have missed something really obvious. Also - how do you remove the weblog activity once you've seen it?

Many thanks in advance!!