Will Bitdefender 2014 Protect Me From Unwanted Bandwidth

I am sick and tiered of unwanted bandwidth created by unknown program(s) which I have no control of.

Recently I've noticed that my download speed was maxed out, but every application that is able to do so, like Steam or Chrome, were closed.

I then proceeded to open my firewall, to see what application was causing this. The part of firewall that that monitors all running applications showed me that all of the currently running programs were using 0 or close to 0 bandwidth, yet my firewall said I was downloading something at a rate of 1,2 mb/s.

So, like any other person in their right mind I googled my problem, and found out about a program called wireshark.

I installed it, and oh boy was I surprised to see how much traffic I have 0 control over.

I've since blocked 10s upon 10s of IPs and of course every website or game or whatever is working just fine.

I want to know if bitdefender will develope any measures that can protect my privacy and give me the control of what applications are allowed to access the internet.