Expiry Date?

I saw that there was an expiry date and I changed my system time to 60 days and it expired. Do you have to pay for the beta?


  • Hello!

    It's possible that in near future to pay for beta. We can expect such surprises because money is more important than the customers who provide the money by buying BD produces.


  • But I saw some screenshots and they had 1000 days on them. Did they pay for it or were they supplied a code?

  • Hi, mrposter :)

    60 days seems to be the norm. The 1,000 days you saw may have been a beta glitch, as beta testing is free using it in trial mode. Unless someone with a 5 year license entered that in when installing the beta?

    I don't recall if Bitdefender will add an extra 30 days or so on to a beta version if requested or not.

  • So....after 60 days everybody will have to pay for the beta?

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    So....after 60 days everybody will have to pay for the beta?

    I don't know but i have a license for BD Antivirus Plus 2013 and when i installed the Beta version the program asked if i want to use my license code.and now is continued with this day what i had on BD 2013. :rolleyes:


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    Hello :)

    Public Beta products were and will always be free to test.

    The default kit has a 60 days free period but this only Beta 1 version. If needed the license will be extended automatically during the Beta test period.

    For feedback please use this platform:


    Have a great day!

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