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Pre-defined Action For Malwares

coolcool1227 ✭✭✭
edited March 2013 in Feature request

Depends on the malware class, following action are possible

1) Rename

2) Unhide

3) Disinfect/Repair/Heal

4) Block

5) Quarantine/Chest

6) Delete

Usually based on the malware malicious action, Antivirus add its detection as signatures for it, i.e naming the malware. I want to say that in a similar way Bitdefender assign the "Action Routine" for it . So two things will be assigned to the malware by-default, its name or Signature and its respective Action Routine (disinfect, quarantine, delete, rename, unhide or block etc). So that when the option "Take Proper Action" is selected, the best decision is already defined or assigned for the malware according to its type and this may also associated with the Virus Definitions and Bitdefender DO NOT have to analyze later or decide during taking proper action. Otherwise the option "Take Proper Action" becomes "Improper" most of the time and is always time consuming as it has to choose one from at-least six actions mentioned above.