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Pxe Booting Bitdefender Rescue Cd 18-jan-2012 20:00 380m Stops Once Background Image Is Loaded

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Hi folks,

I'm pxe booting BitDefender Rescue CD (ISO is dated 18-Jan-2012 20:00 380M ) through FOG. Once I initiate the network boot and select the BitDefender CD, I get a brief loading screen ending in initrd.gz.....ready, then another screen of text flashes for less than a second, (uploaded a screenshot of it) then I get the fire/water snake background image and nothing else. It stops there. No cursor or mouse pointer. I can't do anything except reboot.

I followed this guide:, except my default tftpboot location is different on Debian, so I had to change all paths appropriately. Using a similar guide, I am able to boot into an Ubuntu LIVE CD no problem.

Does this point to any known issue? Is there any other information I can provide for troubleshooting? I've gone back through all my config files and can't find anything that looks off. Hope to hear back soon. Thanks for your time!



  • Still no luck. I've been pouring through any any config files I can and nothing looks to me like it could be the cause.

    Does anyone know where I can get a different version of the Rescue CD besides the current one? I'd like to try the last two or three versions and see if I get any different result.

    Still open to any other input, too!

  • alreadytaken
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    snake background image and nothing else. It stops there.

    Yes, permanent static snake. But did you observe CDD and HDD activity LEDs?

    Mine were wildly active, for a long time. I pulled the plug.

    I still am worried that it was malicious.

    (6/16/13 was date of my download and use of it

    Method was local CD.)