Please include the option for Right click to run a file in a sandbox.It would also be great if there was an option to run the browser always in a sandbox.


  • Not all files in the sandbox can be viruses, therefore, must be able to access these files.

  • If the browser is running in the sandbox, the ability to download files, no longer available, so I figured out the answer.

    Comment added by Vasile Madalin Cristian, 13 hours ago

    These is for security reasons, to prevent any hackers to send you any viruses / hack tools to get access to your bank acounts, for example.

    For what is a sandbox?

  • I guess at least the ability of a right click Sandbox option in regards to opening, trying a new, a beta, etc. type of software to test it, see its features, confirm that it is safe etc, before maybe installing it, and is a separate type of sandbox (i.e. Avast Sandbox/AutoSandbox) compared to a browser sandbox that won't allow file downloads?

  • Scott, I know what a sandbox, I ask the developers bitdefender, why sandbox for the browser, which does not fulfill its function. I need a sandbox for the fact that I could run the downloaded file from the Internet, in a secure environment to analyze its behavior.

  • lol, trust me friend, I knew you know what Sandbox is, I was just trying to piece together OPs original feature request for a right click sandbox option, and your conversation ( which I did read) with Vasile, but some things can kind of get lost in translation ;) Thanks for your clarification, though :)

  • All right, Google sometimes translates the text very strange)