Feedback Of The Beta Feedback Web Page

coolcool1227 ✭✭✭
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Following are the some issues we are facing while giving feedback on Bitdefender Beta 2014.

1) The Search option is not working properly. If I search e.g Firewall, the pages having Firewall text will be shown, but I can see only the first page and when I navigate to next page, the serach get cleared and all pages are shown.

2) We are not notified that some one (user or technical support representative) is responded our posts.

3) There is very difficult to check who is replied to our issues from large no. of pages of posts here.

4) The issues/bugs reported should be module-wise like on the forum. So that its easy to find and view the posts and report the bugs.

5) Another issue is that sometimes the bugs reported are classified as "Resolved" instead of "Confirmed". And they close the post without waiting for the user reply. Sometimes it happened to me that I posted a bug, they mis-interpret it and closes the post saying that the issue is Resolved and I've to re-post in by creating new thread and then they confirmed the issue.


  • Due to above mentioned reasons kindly don't held the user responsible for not able to replying what you requested or ask.

    Hope you will understand the situation.