Parental Control Worked Well, Bitdefender Then Broke It

The previous versions of BD with local parental control worked well, but in 2013 with server based control, well it's just rubbish.

I've been trying to set it up for my clients children and it's slow, unresponsive at times and doesn't actually block anything.

Some of the apps were being reported, but none of the nasty websites would block, in fact I couldn't get parental control to block any websites at all. It's just unreliable junk and should have never been made cloud based.

The idea however is fine, controlling what kids can see whichever device they are using, however the implementation is flawed and was not ready for production. Please revert to local parental controls until cloud based is fully tested and functional.

Now, I have to go find some other security software to do what bitdefender cant.