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Uninstalling Problem: Bitdefender Free Edition


why my bitdefender(free edition) can not be uninstalled? I want to uninstall Bitdefender because it does not work

I Try to use Bitdefender uninstall tools but it failed



  • coolcool1227

    Download the uninstall tool for Free Edition only from below link and try in Windows Safe Mode.

  • Georgia
    Georgia ✭✭✭

    Hi Ricky82 and welcome,

    Please post back if the issue persists after having ran the uninstall tool for Bitdefender Free Edition.

    Thank you!

  • mithcd

    The reason why it will uninstall in safe mode is that the software won't start automatically. The service needs to be stopped first before uninstalling. By the way, were you able to do this already? smile2.png